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Your image is our passion

We are Elliott Made, a family owned and operated small business, specializing in custom embroidery and all types of personalization.  We absolutely love to create beautiful pieces which deliver smiles and appreciation resulting in client satisfaction.  Learning to sew at a very young age created a foundation in our CEO and instilled a selfless service desire. Our CEO advanced quickly as an entrepreneur in building successful businesses focused on customer service.  

Our Values are the center of our business.  They revolve around God, Love of Country, Family, Integrity, Professionalism and Community.

The cornerstone of providing clients what they desire is timely, accurate and pleasant communication.  When projects and designs fail, communication is likely the problem, not the workmanship.  We welcome and reach out to clients via telephone, email or text messaging to make absolutely sure we do everything possible to complete projects quickly, neatly, and accurately the first time.  But don’t take our word for it, ask our repeat customers.
A word often overused.  In fact, every embroiderer in the world claims to provide quality and professional products.  All of our embroidered creations will have our trademark quality control product review inspection before client delivery. Our production facility features state-of-the-art embroidery machines designed to produce the highest quality quickly and efficiently. 

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